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The BoatCase is a decorative book or display case for your home.  It can be placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or even the garage. However, it has a second purpose as a life-saving vessel to get you and your family to safety during a flooding situation. The BoatCase will come equipped with two live jackets, two paddles and 20 feet of rope. These items are hidden while the BoatCase is used as a bookcase.


The Airzooka is a fun gun that shoots blasts of air over 40ft. The Airzooka is based on the principals of a vortex generator. The Airzooka requires no batteries or electricity, as it works with an elastic air launcher. Initially, this product was created by Brian Jordan as a science fair project to demonstrate air vortices.


Creative Group Marketing in Stamford, CT helped market the Airzooka and was able to secure a licensing deal with Can You Imagine of Chatsworth, CA. Currently, the Airzooka is being sold worldwide and is available in various colors and versions.

Use the Airzooka to blast a harmless ball of air at your friends, co-workers and even pets.  With two Airzookas, you can even play airtag with a friend.

DigiTouch Prosthetic Finger

Jordan R&D creates a series of prostheses for its customers. From severed digits to limbs, Jordan R&D creates functional or cosmetic prosthetics, depending on need or requirement. The prosthetic devices are customed designed for each customer's need.

Exoskeleton Project

The exoskeleton is designed to augment the movement of the human body to enhance motor skills, rehabilitate the injured, or provide those with chronic injuries achieve a normal lifestyle.


This device is for use for those with diseases which affect autoimmune functions, physically challenged, or those with limited mobility. Some examples of exoskeleton candidates are; paraplegic, quadriplegic; sufferers from muscular dystrophy, lupus, cerebral palsy and stroke victims.


TagBall is an exciting new game where the players wear vests made of felt and throw Velcro balls that stick to the vests.This unique and exciting new game can be played by children or professional athletes. It can be played by teams in a league or by a group of kids in the backyard. TagBall is a combination of two popular games, Capture the Flag and Darts. You can adapt TagBall to any of your favorite games like football, paintball, dodgeball, king of the hill, or any other game you choose. You can even make up your own games on the fly!  


Tagball was invented by Phillip Bell of Bell Metropolitan Education and Achievement Club. Mr. Bell created TagBall as a non-contact sport which can be played by people of all ages and body types. His goal was to use the game to help build self esteem.

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