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Medical & Healthcare

Face Mask Filter
As the fear of disease rise, we have to be better prepared as citizens. As such Jordan R&D has created a line of face mask filters. These filters are designed to form fit to the user's face to provide the best possible seal to filter; dirt dust, pollen, saliva and smoke.
Exoskeleton Project
The exoskeleton is designed to augment the movement of the human body to enhance motor skills, rehabilitate the injured, or provide those with chronic injuries achieve a normal lifestyle.
This device is for use for those with diseases which affect autoimmune functions, physically challenged, or those with limited mobility. Some examples of exoskeleton candidates are; paraplegic, quadriplegic; sufferers from muscular dystrophy, lupus, cerebral palsy and stroke victims.


Jordan R&D creates a series of prostheses for its customers. From severed digits to limbs, Jordan R&D creates functional or cosmetic prosthetics, depending on need or requirement. The prosthetic devices are customed designed for each customer's need.
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