As the fear of disease rise, we have to be better prepared as citizens. As such, Jordan R&D has created a line of face mask filters called the Easy Breather. These filters are designed to form fit to the user's face to provide the best possible seal to filter; dirt, dust, pollen, saliva and smoke.
Uses:  The Easy Breather Face Mask Filter should be used:
  • In dusty or smoky environments.
  • Outdoors when large amounts of pollen or particulates are in the air.
  • During events where large crowds are present.
  • Provides a protective barrier between the respiratory system and the outside world.
  • Made of an electrostatic, cotton/polyester blend.
  • Filters air prior to being inhaled.
  • Easy to breathing.
  • Foam frame adjusts to most face sizes.
  • Light Weight.
  • Easily cleaned with hot water.
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